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Plastic Surgery and other procedures

Check here the complete list of all the surgeries, facelifts and other procedures performed by Dr. Rosa Melo. Check out the description for more details. If there are any questions or you need more information, please contact us through our phone number or send us your message through this site.

  • Face Lift

    Surgical procedures are directed to face, for the purpose of rejuvenation, ie search mitigate or correct changes caused by aging process.

  • Blepharoplasty

    Eyelid surgery. The aim is to correct changes as the excess skin or fat pockets hypertrophy located there, which cause unpleasant cosmetic deformities.

  • Brow Lift

    As the words say, serves to correct the eyebrows fall due in most cases, aging.

  • Rhinoplasty

    Nose surgery, where it seeks harmony of this structure with the face, correcting any existing deformity.

  • Dermabrasion

    It is the abrasion of the face or another region, seeking rejuvenation in the most superficial layer of skin.

  • Liposuction

    Surgery that corrects the "lipodystrophy" or deformity of the fat tissue. Search by removal of excess fat through a suction with appropriate equipment.

  • Otoplasty

    Surgery of the ears, where corrects the deformity, for example, "floppy ears".

  • Mammoplasty

    Surgery of the breast, which can be: breast reduction, which reduces the breast volume, breast lift, which increases the breast volume by implanting prostheses and mamopexia, which corrects the fall or breast ptosis.

  • Gynecomastia

    Surgery that corrects the breast enlargement in men.

  • Abdominoplasty

    Surgery which corrects abdominal flaccidity, with resection of excess fat and skin that region.

  • Arm Lift

    Surgery to correct the sagging of arms, removing the excess skin and fat.

  • Tight Lift

    Surgery to correct the sagging buttocks, removing the excess skin and fat.

  • Breast Implants

    It consists of the implantation of silicone breast implants that can be placed by the areola, armpit or the undercut groove of the breasts. These prostheses can be placed below the muscle called submuscular below the mammary gland itself, subglandular or below the membrane surrounding muscle, called subfascial.

  • Implant prostheses

    It consists of the implantation of silicone implants beneath the fascia which involves the leg muscles through an incision behind the knee, seeking to increase their dimensions, better and boundary projection.

  • Implant prostheses
    of buttocks

    The gluteus implant prostheses consists in placing silicone prostheses within the bum muscles through an incision made between the buttocks, thereby increasing its dimensions and projection.

  • Botox

    Substance application which paralyzes the muscle, in order to smooth wrinkles.

  • Dermal Fillers

    As the name suggests, this procedure aims to fill deeper wrinkles and folds.

  • Peeling

    Procedure destroys the most superficial layers of the skin by stimulating the appearance of new cells with the purpose of providing rejuvenation or control spots.

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Dra. Rosa Melo Plastic Surgery

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